This is Bailey. Bailey

Bailey is a Full-Stack Software Engineer.

He builds products that makes people’s lives easier.

He’s been at it for over 11 years now.

Since then, he has also come a long way.

Yeah ok, but where does he work? 🤔


These days he’s an Engineer at Compose.

Reimagining how inboxes work. (You should join him).

And before that?


He was an Engineer at Expert Trades.

He led many product improvements, developed and iterated on many core products while also allowing them to continue to improve and maintaining simplicity as they grew in complexity. Read more...


He Founded Hue Observer Ltd.

He created this company to refresh how analytical software works with a focus on consumer privacy. He had, and still has, big plans for this. Unfortunately he had to sunset this for a short-while but he is still developing software that has been shaped by his experience working on this project. Read more…


He volunteered at HelioHost.

He helped maintain their frontend projects, offered community support and worked closely with the CEO to complete projects. Read more…

June 2018

He interned as a developer at IMPUK.

He gained first-hand experience within a small media company that specialises in web design and graphic design. During his short time there, he was given a few important roles such as debugging and fixing an app that was to be shipped to a client of theirs. Read more…


He worked with some 😍 clients & friends.

The following is a sample of consulting work and side projects.

Awesome stuff! How do I get in contact?

Easy! Bailey is pretty quick to reply too.

You should reach out at